Back to Health Family Chiropractic
 ...connecting you to your potential for health and life
At Back to Health we teach that Chiropractic is your connection to vibrant health. Quite simply, a Chiropractic Adjustment releases the pinched nerves that create dis-ease in the body. To understand this further, the spine protects the spinal cord and creates a clear path for the nerves to pass on to the body. When the integrity of the spine is compromised through physical, emotional or chemical stress a breakdown of this clear path occurs creating what you may know as a 'pinched nerve.' In the world of Chiropractic this is referred to as a vertebral subluxation. While this may sound complex, it is really quite simple and we will be sure that you understand this important link to your health when we have the opportunity to meet with you.

While most clients enter our office due to experiencing some type of pain, they all leave with a knowledge of the vital role that the nervous system plays in overall health and wellbeing. By making the connection of a healthy spine to not just painfree living, but also to a healthier expression of the nervous system and therefore a healthier expression of life, you are afforded an additional opportunity to make proactive choices for your life. Add Chiropractic care to your other health-filled habits (high quality foods, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, plenty of water and daily meditation) to ensure a higher quality of life for you and your family.

Hope is always on the horizon. We encourage you to make a stand for healthful living, for taking control of your health decisions. Life can be as strong or as fragile as nature can be. In fact, the power that stirs the beautiful Spring flowers into bloom each year is the same power that directs the Innate Wisdom that runs your body. Get more connected to your health, get more connected to your life, GET CHIROPRACTIC CARE.