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Chiropractors Debby Amundsen and Yvonne Wood welcome
you to their Chiropractic practice in Wildwood, NJ. Know that
we take great pride in caring for each individual that enters our office. We want your experience to be positive, fulfulling and empowering.

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Chiropractic, a healthcare entity that has been serving individuals for over a century, is the only discipline that locates and reduces nerve compromise (a.k.a. pinched nerves) from vertebral subluxations, thereby allowing your body to function at an optimal level.  And truly, a real measure of health is how well
your body functions physically, mentally and socially.

Your health is in your hands. We would love the opportunity to work with you to assist you in achieving your optimal health goals, whatever they may be. Get reconnected to your health and life potential with a gentle, specific Chiropractic Adjustment.