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Debby Amundsen, a very passionate Chiropractor, loves her work. This will be evident the moment you meet her. She is passionate about life and helping others work to become all that they can be. Debby loves to be outdoors. She can usually be found playing in the yard, in the watergarden, at the beach with Zoey, or putting in her weekly running miles. To her credit, she has run several marathons, half-marathons and various other distances.

Very often, you'll find Yvonne Wood on the phone or behind the desk 'taking care of business.' She loves sharing Chiropractic, especially with families and children. She has a passion for supporting families that are interested in raising their children naturally. Yvonne enjoys doing classroom presentations, Health Fairs, and College and Career Fairs. She too loves being outdoors, but only when it's warm.

Zoey, or Zoey Katherine when she's in trouble, just loves being a part of the office. Expect to be greeted by her big green eyes and wagging tail unless, of course, she is napping on her chair.